Covid-19 – update

Dear friends and collaborators,
The spread of Covid-19, which is finally falling back in some countries, continues to expand into new territories.
We are close to our collaborators, to our customers and their families who are affected by it.
As established by the Italian Government, in order to contain the epidemic, our company is temporarily closed: however this does not mean that we are not working.
In addition to being available by e-mail, telephone and through social media, we are in fact committed to developing and perfecting our systems.
We are also organizing production to double its capacity so that when we return we will be able to make up for these weeks of lockdown and also to face all new orders in the best possible way.
We are also committed to defining the calendar of events and missions, in Italy and abroad, to be able to meet again, as soon as possible, with our customers and collaborators:
not virtually any more, but in person again.