Over the years, the informal shoe sneaker has become an article to be worn in any situation. The demands of the brand continually impose new research on materials and production in order to make this shoe increasingly eco-sustainable and comfortable.

Sneaker senza colla

Our company has devised systems for the production of sneakers-type footwear without the use of glues.
The shoe made following this philosophy is eco-sustainable, extremely comfortable and allows greater breathability.

The environmental impact can be further reduced through the use of materials of non-animal origin (vegan footwear).

The elimination of glue not only involves environmental and health benefits, but also a reduction in the number of processing steps with consequent savings in terms of machinery, time and labor.

For the production of glue-free sneakers, our company offers various solutions: with the machine XM 13 the sneaker is made with a process similar to Goodyear (check our Goodyear Sneaker project) while with the machine XM-199 equipped with the kit ST it is possible to use a cheaper inner sole made out of felt.

Bottom seam

The MC-11 is the straight needle sewing machine used in the sewing of sneakers with box bottom sole.
The MC-11 TT can perform up to 7 types of seams and the specific box bottom sole kit allows the sewing of sneakers.