In addition to producing, inventing and patenting sewing machines, Ciucani has always stood out for the design of real systems for the production of footwear. Our aim is always the same: to help companies optimize their manufacturing processes by providing support from the early design stages.

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REVERSE project

The innovation of the REVERSE system is based on mounting the upper directly to the sole through a specific seam. The operation is performed with the upper inside out and without the use of the last.

This system allows many advantages, both in economic terms and in terms of quality and comfort of the finished product:

• Greater Flexibility
• Absence of adhesives
• Absence of nails
• Completely ecological footwear
• Material savings of approximately 25%
• Less machinery
• Less manpower
• Less workspace

Processing is very simple and does not require particular experience; it can therefore be carried out almost entirely in an upper factory.
You can make many different models of footwear for men, women, children (moccasin, ballerina, sports models, etc …), with natural and traditional materials. In fact, leather, rubber, Eva, TPU and polyurethane soles can be used and the upper can be in natural leather or synthetic material.

Goodyear FLEX project

Ciucani has designed a new system for the construction of classic men’s footwear, Goodyear FLEX.
The system allows for numerous advantages:

• Greater flexibility
• Absence of nails
• Limited use of adhesives
• Lower labor costs
• Reduction of machinery
• Less work space
• Savings on leathers of approximately 25%
• Ecological footwear

For the conception of this project, CIUCANI has a complete organization starting from the designers, consulting for the procurement of raw materials, up to the training of staff and the realization of projects and prototypes. The system allows the following variants to be created on the basis of Goodyear:

• Goodyear FLEX
• Goodyear RIB
• Goodyear TIROLESE
• Goodyear NORVEGESE (Norwegian style)
• Goodyear INIEZIONE (Injection)

Glue-free Sneaker project

Recently, Ciucani Mocassino Machinery has launched a new system, to make sneakers completely without glue. The result is an extremely flexible, healthy, comfortable, eco-sustainable shoe produced with lower labor and machinery costs. The total absence of adhesives makes it possible to eliminate some machinery and the number of processing steps.

This article from Arsutoria summarizes the characteristics of the system. Depending on the customer’s needs, we have devised three options:

  • Goodyear Sneaker, that is a glue-free sneaker built on a model of Goodyear manufacturing using leather insole with channelling
  • Glue-free sneaker with leather insole
  • Glue-free sneaker with internal felt sole and fussbett, a solution with lower production costs but still comfortable and sustainable. This system has also been perfected for children’s footwear.

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