The processing of the moccasin has been the main focus of our company since 1978. We have designed and patented specific machines for this type of shoe, from the traditional edge processing to the innovative stitching that allows the moccasin to be stitched to the bottom without the use of glues.

For each type of work on the moccasin we have created specific machines.

The XM-199 machine equipped with the Moccasin Kit allows you to sew the upper when the bottom is already joined.

The XM-747 machine allows the production of tubular moccasins. With its several kits it can perform five types of seams.

The XM-949 machine allows the sewing of the upper on a pre-assembled moccasin.

These three machines work with a curved needle and reproduce the movement of the awl in manual sewing

Our stitchings:
The REVERSE system for moccasin

For the moccasin and many other footwear type Ciucani has created a specific project called REVERSE.
The innovation is based on the assembly of the upper directly to the sole through a particular seam performed with the XM REVERSE model. The operation is performed with the upper inside out and without the use of the last.