Although Ciucani was born as a supplier of shoe factories, it has also specialised in the processing of leather goods and furnishings (sofas and armchairs).

Our experience and collaboration with numerous brands and important manufacturers have allowed us to develop innovative solutions in these sectors as well: our technical staff and internal workshop allow us to customise the machine according to your needs.


The X86-204-Colonna and X86-204-E models are two-needle sewing machines that perform functional and ornamental seams on leather and heavy fabrics. These machines also have 12 sewing programs (7 with one needle and 5 with two needles).

With the curved needle model XM-199 Profilo kit it is possible to make more complex seams at the edge of sofas and bags.

Leather goods

Depending on the processing to be carried out, our company offers the following machines:

Straight needle
MC11 – BM (kit Borse)
MC11 – L (kit Borse)
MC11 – TT (kit Borse)

Curved needle