Innovation and experience that will shape your footwear

CIUCANI MOCASSINO MACHINERY srl has developed, patented, and improved machines to enable them both to execute stitching tasks that could previously only be done by hand, and to perform well-established operations ranging from “Moccasino”, “Ideal”, “San Crispino” and “Opanka” stitching, to “Ballerina”, “Invisible”, “ Goodyear FLEX”, and “REVERSE”.

These innovations make it possible for the production process to go beyond the use of single sewing machines: Ciucani supplies its customers with a well-rounded service encompassing the project, system and enabling the production of fashionable footwear conceived with environmentally friendly oriented designs – a system that draws on research, patents, styles, designs and technologies – all of which are achieved using the highest quality materials of Italian origin.

Ciucani collaborates with designers, stylists, technical workshops, sole and last manufacturers and leather producers. Nothing is left to chance; everything is thoroughly studied so as to make footwear production an easy process of lean manufacturing, attentive to waste avoidance all in order to provide the end customer with the highest quality products.

Italian know-how: where technology happily meets creativity.